Virtual Reality Hentai Manga / Doujinshi

  • Zero-meinu


    2012-07-30 Read Download

    (C74) [Anklet-Girl (Tousei Oume)] ZERO-Meinu (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion) Manga Info :
    Descripton:Blog: / have a request section on my blog with a link to a gallery with some of the stuff I own.Feel free to place scanning requests, I'll be updating the gallery with new stuff as I go over my collections.The cover pretty much made this a must buy for me.Therelease is something I scanned last year while I was experimenting with leveling images.Turns out that I'm pretty much blind to what looks good.Guess I'll keep experimenting but in the meantime, enjoy this one.EDIT: />
    Category: Japanese Doujinshi

  • Farfalla Due

    Farfalla Due

    2012-07-30 Read Download

    (C80) [Ruu Kikaku (Ruuen Rohga)] FARFALLA Due Manga Info :

    Category: Japanese Doujinshi

  • Welcome To The Virtua Reality Shop

    Welcome To The Virtua Reality Shop

    2011-11-04 Read Download

    Welcome To The Virtua Reality Shop Manga Info :
    Descripton:[Koutzuki Miyuki] Welcome To The Virtua Reality Shop [ENG]

    Category: English Hentai Manga

  • Desire


    2011-09-12 Read Download

    Desire Manga Info :

    Category: English Hentai Manga

  • Custom Girl

    Custom Girl

    2011-09-11 Read Download

    Custom Girl Manga Info :
    Descripton: [English][Maruneko]

    Category: English Hentai Manga

  • Avatar Trans!

    Avatar Trans!

    2011-08-13 Read Download

    Avatar Trans! Manga Info :
    Descripton:My first translation attempt… [English] [JackSGC][Katou Jun]

    Category: English Hentai Manga

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